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Pistorio - Biography

Pasquale Pistorio
graduated in 1963 in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin with a Degree in Electronics. He began his career as a salesman for Motorola products and in 1967 he joined Motorola in Italy, rising through the ranks to become Director of International Marketing in July 1977, based in Phoenix, Arizona. At the same time, he was appointed Vice President of Motorola Corporation and soon after, in November 1978, he was promoted to General Manager of Motorola’s International Semiconductor Division, responsible for design, manufacturing and marketing activities for all regions outside of the United States.

In July 1980 Pistorio accepted the challenge to return to Italy as President and Chief Executive Officer of the SGS Group, the only Italian microelectronics company. His unwavering commitment to build the company into a profitable broadline semiconductor manufacturer led to one of Pistorio’s most significant achievements to date: the successful integration of SGS with the French semiconductor champion, Thomson Semiconducteurs, in May 1987. This was a powerful merger, which put the newly formed company, SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics (renamed STMicroelectronics in 1998), in a much better position to compete on the international market.

As President and CEO of the new company, Pistorio has been responsible for developing ST’s diverse product portfolio based on high-growth applications, as well as its worldwide network of strategic alliances. This business model has proved so successful that ST is now positioned at the highest level in the worldwide ranking of semiconductor companies.

Given the successful performance of the company, shareholders decided to list ST's shares on the New York Stock Exchange and the Paris Bourse. This 1994 listing was followed by the listing on the Borsa Italiana (Milan Stock Exchange) in 1998.

In the last two decades, Pistorio has championed the cause of Europe's microelectronics industry and his role has not been one of pure theory but has produced concrete and important industrial results.

Throughout his career, Pistorio has also been a staunch advocate of environmental protection. He passionately believes that companies such as ST should continually strive to be at the forefront of the sustainable development movement. This belief is based not only on ethical and social grounds, but also on the more practical need to attract and retain young, talented employees. It also stems from his firm conviction that environmentally friendly companies are more financially competitive.

As a firm believer in corporate social responsibility, Pistorio takes a special interest in the cause of fighting the Digital Divide -- the huge imbalance between those who have access to information technology and benefit from it and those who do not. As a member of the United Nations Information and Communications Task Force dedicated to bridging the Digital Divide, he helps develop proposals to attract corporate attention and commitment to this new worldwide challenge.

Upon his retirement as President and CEO of STMicroelecronics on March 18th, 2005, Pistorio was appointed by the Company’s Managing Board as Honorary Chairman, where he acts as an ambassador of the Company while continuing to make available to ST, as appropriate, his wealth of experience and insight into the semiconductor, electronics, and industrial worlds.


Pasquale Pistorio - Awards and Honors
1974 - created “Commendatore al Merito” of the Italian Republic
1990 - created “Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite” by the President of the French Republic
June 1997 - created "Cavaliere del Lavoro" by the President of the Italian Republic
June 1998 - decorated “Ouissam Alaouite” by the Kingdom of Morocco
November 1999 - awarded Public Service Star by the Government of Singapore
December 1999 - received the “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur” from the French Republic
December 2000 - received the Akira Inoue Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) in the Semiconductor Industry
December 2001 - won the 2001 Environmental Leadership Award given annually by Tomorrow, one of the world’s most prestigious publications devoted to business sustainability issues
June 2002 - voted among the top 50 “Stars of Europe” by Business Week magazine
November 2002 – placed at number 1 in the “Top 25 Movers and Shakers” by Time magazine
April 2003 – awarded “Prix du Manager d'Entreprise” in the “Prix des Technologies de l'information", organized by Telecom Paris, a French telecommunications academy
September 2003 – received “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Reed Electronics Group, as part of inaugural European Electronics Industry Awards
October 2003 – awarded “Honorary Citizen of Singapore” by the Government of Singapore
June 2004 – received “IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition” for exceptional managerial leadership
January 2005 – received “Green Hero Lifetime Achievement Award” from AnalogZONE magazine
In addition, Pasquale Pistorio has received honorary degrees from the University of Genova, the University of Malta, the University of Pavia, the University of Catania, the University of Palermo and the University of Sannio, Benevento.
Some Board Memberships
  • Vice President, for innovation and research, of Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industrialists
  • “Conseil Stratégique pour l'attractivité du pays auprès du Premier Ministre français", a group of industry consultants to the Prime Minister's office to create better conditions for inward investment
  • Government of Singapore’s Internal Advisory Council
  • United Nations ICT Task Force
  • International Business Council of the World Economic Forum
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Chairman of European Union’s Technology Platform (ENIAC)
  • Conseil Stratégique des Technologies de l’Information, France
  • Conseil Consultatif de la Banque de France
  • Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Advisory Board
  • European Round Table (ERT) of Industrialists
  • Member of the Board at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Singapore)

     June, 2005

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